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this is going to be more or less of a ghetto cosplay


but i kind of dig the tiara
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This time last year, or more or less, I'd never lived in a place where it is normal to have snow on the ground throughout the winter. Well, now I have. What's odd is how unconsciously one adapts to conditions that one has no prior model for imagining.

[unconnected] (Someday maybe I will do more than just endure).


To Reduce Your Likelihood of Murder

Do not go outside. Do not go outside, on dates, or to the store, alone. Do not go on dates with men. Do not go on dates with men who drive. Do not drive yourself to dates, because that may anger the man you are dating who may wonder if you’re too good to step foot in his new custom chrome baby-baby car. Do not date men who sit in or lean on cars. Do not sit in cars or sprawl yourself against the seat, or lean up against the metal skin of the door while you are being kissed. Do not date at night. Do not walk at night. Do not walk at night alone. Do not be alone. Walk with a girlfriend or someone else. A man you trust? Do not spend time with men, men friends, or boys. Do not spend time with any kind of men at all. Do not spend time with friends at all. Most women are killed by someone they know. Most women are killed by someone they know intimately.

Install alarm systems on every window, every doorway in your house. Better, do not live in a house. Go apartment. Go co-op. Go someplace where you can be heard, where someone can hear you scream. Do not venture out in public (at night, alone). Do not stay at home. Do not wear black. Do not wear the dress your boyfriend likes so much. Do not date your boyfriend whom you like so much. Do not like so much. Do not say like so much. Everyone is a potential murderer. And murderee. You are the murderee. You are single, seventeen, and thin. You are a thing made for television, for the nights of drama crime. Do not watch crime shows on TV or DVD. Do not open the door for anyone. Do not tell your mother that you don’t know when you’ll be back. Do not frustrate. Do not comply. You must lie somewhere in-between.

Do not sleep deeply.

Do carry mace, or pepper spray, or a bowie knife. Do carry guns if you can get them. A crossbow. A blowgun. Do subscribe to the Shotgun News and carry it wherever you go. It will be a totem, will keep you safe from harm. Armor yourself: plate mail, chain mail, studded leather armor. Helms and chain-link gloves. Keep away from the windows at all times. You must be surprising: Always travel in a crowd, in a cloud of smoke. Cover all your tracks. Keep an eye behind. Switch cabs. Duck into dead-end streets and wait for cars to pass.

Still you will be killed. You’re born for it. Your life is a tree meant to be torn apart by weather and electricity.

- Ander Monson
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DinoxSqualo doujin

¬_¬ brb sulking
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...So I mean, I guess Squalo's fringe doesn't count as part of his non-hair-cutting vow? fff, makesnosense XD;
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Achieved yesterday afternoon:

- 1x drawing of Squalo with a toilet brush attached to his sword arm
- 1x drawing of Squalo grinning manically and with a boxing glove on a spring attached to his sword arm
- 1x drawing of schoolage!Squalo asleep in his breakfast

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Maybe I should make a twitter account! Most of my thoughts are one-line screams now anyway.

otoh Twitter is everything I hate about Facebook's Wall re: threading (lack thereof) and archiving (lack thereof).

ION am procrastinating, patent inability to work unless someone stands over me and makes me, who the hell is productive in August anyway.
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n.b. post title is not the title of the fic, which I cannot think of a non-retarded name for, also I am not sure if it deserves a name anyway. I hate titling things, orz. DinoxSqualo, 1349 words., I haven't written anything this blatantly h/c in a while. I am quite embarrassed by this fic! Sorry, Squalo XD;

ION it was 34°C yesterday, what the fuck, I am not built for this )

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fff do I have to read this manga, it is so indescribably dumb

but the fandom is so pretty TT_TT
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"High Room". Pen and ink, May 2009. The boy is Hisoka rite? The rest, as you please.


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